Discovering the Weight & Lifestyle Connection

Why is it that some people are more successful at losing weight than others?

Due to genetic conditions, some people have very low metabolisms. Some people develop hormone-imbalance conditions such as hypothyroidism later on in life. This can make it difficult to lose weight without proper treatment.

Lifestyle choices are the main reason for weight gain delays.

If you’re already working out and dieting but aren’t making any progress, it might be time to conduct a lifestyle assessment to determine if there are any “weight loss traps” that are holding you back.

What are the “weight loss traps”?

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These weight loss traps can be caused by your lifestyle, beliefs, and other factors that could slow down your progress towards slimming down. It is a mistake to assume that diet and exercise alone are enough to help you lose weight. Many factors can affect one’s weight.

 Factor #1 – Daily Routines 

What does our daily routine have to do with weight loss?

The daily routines you follow can have an impact on your weight loss efforts. People would be able to see the reasons why their weight isn’t dropping if they evaluated their daily routines at work and home.

Your metabolism will be low if you eat tacos and cheeseburgers for lunch and skip breakfast most days.

Bad eating habits can often lead to harmful consequences. If a person isn’t able to make breakfast in the morning, they will likely eat late at night and wake up early to get ready for work.

You need to slowly adjust your daily routines in order to meet your new lifestyle needs. Your body won’t be able to shed excess fat if it isn’t.

 Factor #2 – Stress Levels 

What level of stress do you feel most days?

Your stress level may be keeping you from losing weight if you answer “very stressed” and “extremely stressed”.

Psychological stress can cause mental strain and a decrease in cardiorespiratory efficiency, nerve function, and even a decline in digestive health. Your body, including your vital organs, is also affected by mental stress.

Stress management is the only option in this situation.

Many stress management methods are available, including meditation and massage therapy. Subliminal recordings that include ambient sounds can be a great way to reduce stress. Consider all options to find the best one for you.

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 Factor #3 – Sleep Quality 

The only time the body can repair and renew itself is when it’s asleep. If you are losing weight actively, your body will need more sleep to allow your muscles and organs to repair themselves and function better.

What happens if you don’t get enough rest at night?

Poor sleep quality or lack of sleep can impact your ability to exercise. You also have a slower metabolism and the ability to absorb and digest nutrients.

Physical stress can be caused by sleeping less than six hours each night, further lowering your metabolic efficiency. You must give your “fat-burning machine” the rest it needs to lose those extra inches.

How can you get a better sleep?

No Gadgets 

If you’re going to bed, keep your smartphone and tablet on your bedside table. Watching TV is a bad idea as it can make your mind more active and make sleep difficult.


Aside from the ability to relax your body and mind, aromatherapy can significantly improve your sleeping habits. Aromatherapy can improve your sleep quality by helping you to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Lights off 

Recent research has shown that even a tiny amount of light can have a negative impact on sleep quality. We instinctually associate sunlight with wakefulness and any type of light.

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