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Dubai’s Great Desert Safari

Dubai is not just one of the best cities in the middle east region, but throughout the world. What makes Dubai stand out from other cities is its sandy location. It is an excellent example of urban planning’s ability to construct such an extraordinary architectural masterpiece in the middle of the desert. There are numerous locations in Dubai where you can go on desert safaris, allowing you to explore the Arabian countryside.


These safaris typically take place as the sun starts to drop on the western horizon. The sand dunes then begin to show more giant shadows. These conditions can make it impossible to imagine the joy of traveling from Dubai down into a vast deserted landscape. While on these journeys, one may encounter scattered villages as well as well-bred camels roaming the streets. As evening falls, the purple Arabian sky provides a beautiful backdrop for camping out in the desert. Dubai is not only appreciated for its trade and commerce; it also offers a variety of tourism opportunities. Desert safaris can be considered as one of the main areas in which these activities are available.

There are numerous options for tourists to choose from when booking their safaris. These trips are usually organized by major hotels and resorts if requested by their guests. All travelers receive a guide for the duration, from the late afternoon departure to the later return. The journey will involve miles of sand dunes, so travelers need to be aware of how it might turn out. If the driver isn’t careful, the jeep could be thrown off the road or become stuck in the sand. These worries will soon be forgotten by the joy of traveling like an escaped gypsy.

In the middle of the desert, camels may transport tourists from one souq to another. It’s not only exciting but very challenging to mount and dismount camelbacks. Their long-necked animals are well-bred and cared for by their masters. When pampered, they can start to behave like puppies. Any camel will flatten its necks if you rub it behind the ears.

Late-evening outings usually include visiting souks, having an Arabian Dinner, and some folk dance and music performances. Beers and liquor drinks are typically priced between $5.00 and $7.00, while beers can cost anywhere from $5.00 to $7.00. If Dubai is not near your location, you’ll enjoy looking at the stars at night. The return journey occurs soon after all your campfire adventures have concluded, including dinner and time in shops. The return journey will take place just before midnight. You can then continue your Dubai vacation-making.

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