How to go from homelessness to prosperity and abundance faster than you ever thought possible

Christopher Gardner’s “The Pursuit of Happiness” has been my favorite book on this topic for a long time. The movie offers a glimpse into Gardner’s motivational journey, but his book shows what Gardner went through to achieve the success he achieved.

Gardner’s book will make you laugh and make you cry, but it manages to mask the pain and struggle he went through. Although you are only a spectator, you don’t feel the same emotions as Gardner.

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Robert R.’s book 180 Degrees is an exception. Robert R. takes you to the edge and forces you to walk alongside him. You are not just a spectator. You’re actually there, and it’s much more unpleasant than you could imagine.

I was slightly hesitant when I was asked to review the book. Is there really a need for another autobiographical or inspirational book in the world? I have read many of these books over the years as I continued my personal growth. It was a good decision.

Robert R. makes the book more exciting and compelling by adding another profound and essential distinction. He is homeless as Gardner and suffers from drug addiction and the pain of trying to escape a life that is impossible to live again.

We start at the beginning. At least, we do so around the age of Robert R., which is six to eight years old. He cuts a process that will leave him scarred for the rest of his life. He’s addicted to drugs by the age of 14 and is already dealing with acid, cocaine, and other substances. He ended up homeless and broke, and the spiral continues. He eventually escapes from this life and becomes a millionaire at the age of 30 after a period that lasted about ten years.

It is a fantastic story, but it’s so much more. Robert R. isn’t content with telling you his story. Robert R. tells you his story and shows you how you can escape. Learn all about his recovery process and the resources that he used to get clean and sober. You will learn everything you need to know about recovery, regardless of your faith or philosophy. The book contains a comprehensive reading list and a listing of organizations that can help you get help for your addictions, allowing you to move forward and create prosperity and abundance in all areas of your life.

This book is for addicts who don’t know how to get out and anyone suffering from addiction. It’s also an excellent book for addicts. It gives you a glimpse into the mind and life of an addict. You will be stunned. But you will also find healing and hope, following every word. It won’t be easy to miss anything.

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